A human being needs to be trained. But, to follow a training course, you need to be available, as you need time. So you can follow your training. But information and communication technologies have changed habits. It is no longer necessary to follow a face-to-face training course. This is called distance learning. What are the reasons for this change? The answer to this question can be found in the rest of this article.

Problem of availability

Training requires a certain amount of time. The first is time. If you are not available, you will not be able to follow a training course. Indeed, if you have to combine your training with your work, it is normal that you have enough problems. For some people, the problem is family. In these circumstances, distance learning is a must. It becomes a solution that allows you to follow a training course despite your unavailability. You no longer need to travel. In your living room, you follow a clear and relevant training. So, lack of time is no longer a handicap for training.

A temporary handicap

In addition to lack of time, there are several other reasons that lead to distance learning. Among these reasons, there are handicaps. It may or may not be temporary. Thus, if your problem prevents you from travelling, then you have no other choice but to follow a distance learning course. This choice may also be motivated by your family responsibility. For example, you have children at home. So you have to take care of them. So distance learning becomes the solution to your problem. Because you can take care of the children from home and still receive training. There is also the size of the city and the constraints of travel. In a simple way, there are many reasons for choosing a distance learning course. These include lack of availability, personal problems, family responsibilities, etc.  

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